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16 Dec 2022
J Telemarketing

Culture of J Telemarketing – How it thrives in maintaining an excellent retention rate

Turnover in the telemarketing industry is an inescapable reality yet most companies are reluctant to recognize the killer effects of a high turnover rate and the immense pressure of reforming the retention rate sufficient to sustain a business.

J Telemarketing, however, realizes the gravity of the essence and significance of a high retention rate and has set up an employee-centric framework that ensures a healthy workplace culture while minimizing the turnover rate to little to none at all.

With that said, let’s discuss how J Telemarketing structured its culture and created a relaxing and career-oriented ambiance, and excelled in setting the benchmarks as one of the few corporations in the region to maintain such a retention rate.

First things first, the following are the determining factors that lead to the decision of “ Okay, I’m done with this company.”

Top 5 causes of High Turnover:

  1. Lack of recognition, raises, promotions, bonuses, and incentives.
  2. Toxic environment and unhealthy workplace culture.
  3. Lack of work/life balance.
  4. Undercompensating and Biased stance.
  5. Miscommitment and Misleading promises.

Now to the long-overdue moment of the blog, “How J Telemarketing thrives in maintaining an excellent retention rate.”

Top 5 Reasons Why Talent Never Leaves J Telemarketing:

  • Employee-Centric Business Framework:

J Telemarketing’s business model revolves around talent and ensures giving credit where it’s due. Not only does it acknowledges the hard work and efforts of the team but extravagantly rewards them to demonstrate respect and appreciation and to make them feel valued.

  • Healthy Workplace Culture:

At J Telemarketing, it’s customary to provide a healthy workplace culture that encourages and supports career-oriented growth in a cooperative and friendly manner. It offers a soothing atmosphere of care that imparts the utmost peace of mind.

  • Work/Life Balance:

For a team to be productive, it’s rather mandatory to indulge in work/life balance. With that said, J Telemarketing has laid down only 5 days a week of working, giving the weekends to refresh and rejuvenate.

  • Fair Compensation and Impartial Stance:

As implied earlier, this organization never backs down when it comes to appreciation and fairly compensating for hard work. In addition to that, everyone is valued equally and the stance is always while educating and promoting talent.

  • Honest Commitments and Transparency:

Rather than keeping the employees in the dark, J Telemarketing honors its commitments and leads the team with a transparent code of conduct. That way, everyone understands where they stand in the organization.

Bottom Line:

The cost of high employee turnover is the energy, time, and money required to seek and train new talent. The reasonable and viable solution to this bootless hectic is to build and maintain a workplace culture that revolves around the peace of mind of an employee which, in turn, ensures productivity. 

That’s the culture that we’ve built, maintained, and cherished. That’s the culture of J Telemarketing.

27 Jan 2021
Why be a CSR when you can be a CEO of your own Call Center?

JT Accelerator Program: Start Your Own Call Center in Partnership with J Telemarketing

2020 has been a testing year for all of us to say the least. And even though the new year has arrived, the effects of 2020 are being felt around the world in one way or another. People’s health, their jobs, their routines, and every other aspect of their lives has been altered thanks to the woes of 2020. The global economy also went on a nose dive, which resulted in many people losing their businesses and other forms of livelihoods. What’s even worse is that the economy still hasn’t recovered enough, for people to easily establish a business with plentiful resources.

However, what if you were told that even today, you can start your very own call center with nothing but a laptop, a headset, and a workstation at your own home? You are forgiven for thinking that this should, by all accounts, be impossible, given the current economic circumstances. But J Telemarketing, under its JT Accelerator program can help you fulfill your leadership potential by having you become your own boss and start your own company. With J Telemarketing as your business partner, these are all the facilities you will get:

  • Leads/Data

Arranging for leads is one of the most energy and resource draining tasks for any call center service. Even if you do manage to acquire the data by yourself, then chances are that – due to a lack of good networks or business development experience in the industry – you would struggle to ensure the quality of the leads. Under the JT Accelerator program, you shall be given the finest quality data that will aid you in terms of ensuring an optimal conversion rate for your business.

  • Dialer

While starting off a new business, you’re going to want to be as efficient in investing your resources as possible. Getting a dialer for yourself in order to start a call center business is likely to be a resource intensive affair. Whereas, if you opt for the JT accelerator program, you’d get the dialer absolutely free of cost. This implies that rather than focusing on saving money, you can focus on getting the best results.

  • Voice Over IP

Acquiring an authorized IP and registering the call center with the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) can be a headache for the call center startups. Fulfilling the formalities with the authorized departments is a big hassle and conducting business through an illegal channel is never advisable. Under the JT Accelerator program, you’ll be assisted by us in the registration process and in obtaining an authorized VoIP that will help you conduct your business and make the calls in a safe and seamless fashion.

  • Training

If you truly love your job, you can never be too good at it. There is always room for learning and your arsenal of tactics can always be improved. JT Accelerator Program has dedicated a group of company executives that will help you polish your skills and add more value to your services in order to help business grow further.

  • Business Development

In the JT Accelerator program, you shall be made a part of the J Telemarketing team. You will sit down with the experts of the industry, with whom you will discuss the progress of your business. The experts will discuss the opportunities for your business and provide you with insightful feedback in order for you to develop your business. Not only that, but you will also be assisted by J Telemarketing by all viable means, so as for your business to excel.

At the end, you must be wondering “what’s the catch?” And the answer to that question is that J Telemarketing wishes for the entire call center industry of Pakistan to grow further. Our biggest stake in this effort is the excellence of those that possess the talent to take their aspirations to the next level, so that both business partners can relish the spoils of victory. So if you think you have what it takes to go from being a CSR to being a CEO, then sign up for the JT Accelerator Program now!
Good Luck!