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24 Jun 2021
Employee Care

All That CSRs Need To Work Efficiently – How J Telemarketing Cares For Its CSRs

Do you know how important are telemarketing services today for every business? In today’s modern digital world, call center services prove to be the backbone of any business’s marketing campaign. Good customer support representatives know how to best deal with the clients and how to achieve optimum conversion by resolving customers’ concerns. To boost the potential of the CSRs for achieving an accelerated performance level, a good company always ensures the availability of the best resources and facilities for the agents. J Telemarketing is a fast-paced growing BPO company that is providing the most advanced facilities to its CSRs that ultimately guarantee winning optimum progress.

Let’s see what are some essentials that are required for CSRs to work efficiently and progressively to boost a company’s growth.

Essential #1 – Friendly Behavior from the Managers

The most important thing in any business organization is the idealistic behavior from the superiors towards their subordinates. “J Telemarketing” has hired highly professional Managers to lead the teams of workers with exemplary behaviors. They show a friendly and cooperative attitude where they help and guide the subordinates with everything they need to accelerate their performance. It’s a part of J Telemarketing’s Agenda that its employees will receive remarkable behavior from every superior and colleague.

Essential #2 – Trainings & Workshops

All the companies that keep growing in their industry follow a simple rule that never goes with obsolete knowledge and standards. To update and equip with the modern and recent trends is a prerequisite today for every company that plans to progress rapidly. J Telemarketing holds training sessions and workshops frequently with all its employees especially the CSRs to reform their professional personalities. The company has highly motivated, self-centric, proactive, and exceptionally skilled trainers and supervisors with having strong backgrounds and experiences. The trainers and supervisors at the company frequently arrange professional and corporate training sessions that are completely free of cost for the employees. 

Essential #3 – Handsome Salaries, Bonuses, & Incentives

Every employee especially a CSR always wants to see his pocket full by the end of the month. J Telemarketing specifically cares for its employees and stands at the top in the vicinity regarding salaries, bonuses, and incentives. The company’s CSRs hit high bonuses every month, giving them great motivation towards improving their performance more and more. There are CSRs at the company who have been earning around 200k comprising a handsome monthly salary and astounding bonuses and incentives. Another good and positive aspect of J Telemarketing is that the company always transfers the salaries right on time so that the employees may feel good with the care that the company provides for them. 

Essential #4 – Comfortable Seating

One of the most essential needs for CSRs at the office is comfortable seating. CSRs have to remain sit for long hours to receive and respond to customers’ calls. For prolonged sitting, ergonomic comfort is essential to keep the agents focused on quality assurance. J Telemarketing uses advanced and professional office chairs for its CSRs where they remain easy and relaxed while working.

Essential #5 – Smooth Internet Facility

A large business organization always prefers to expand its business canvas across the globe. When dealing with international clients and customers worldwide, the CSRs will essentially need to have a smooth and uninterrupted internet facility. Smooth internet is a prerequisite for CSRs so that their calls may not drop or they may not face poor audio quality or distortion during the calls. J Telemarketing has got installed various commercial internet connections with the highest possible speed available through which the CSRs at the company never experience any trouble in dealing with the clients on calls.

Essential #6 – Professional Headphones

Headphones are the major tool to take calls for CSRs. There are few critical requirements when it comes to providing headphones for CSRs. Their headphones should provide clear sound quality, clear microphone facility, and comfort to CSR’s ears. If a CSR puts on a headphone that creates pain or presses his ears, it will have the worst effects on his performance impacting the company’s overall progress. J Telemarketing never compromises on the provision of high-quality and comfortable headphones for its CSRs. The company has placed a variety of top-notch professional headphones on each desk/cabin on CSR’s Floor to maintain the required quality of calls and agents’ performance.

Essential #7 – Proper Cooling & Heating Facility

Weather changes can create negative impacts on the CSR’s performance if proper arrangements aren’t made for them. All the top business organizations always ensure to furnish every essential facility to their employees especially their CSRs. J Telemarketing has established all the purposeful office halls and cabins keeping in view the professional requirements. The CSR’s floor at J Telemarketing’s office is equipped with the best of the best cooling systems for summers and heating systems for winters to manage a pleasant atmosphere with moderate and bearable temperatures. The best-quality chillers and Air Conditioners keep the halls cool during summers when the temperatures hit high outside. Similarly, the outstanding heating systems keep the halls acceptably warm inside when it is extremely cold outside. So, the CSRs and all other employees at the company feel comfortable and relaxed while working and that helps to increase their efficacy.

Essential #8 – Recreation & Refreshments

Taking pauses and breaks during work hours is always important to muster up the energy. CSRs and other employees always need some refreshments and recreational facilities to let them relax and boost up their energy when they feel tired after constantly working for hours. J Telemarketing has provided its employees with everything for refreshment that the employees need in the cafeteria. The company’s employees have specific places where they can sit, do gossips, and even play different physical games like Table Tennis, etc. during their break times. 

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