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04 Feb 2021
Tips for call center agents to soften up difficult customers

4 Ways for Call Center Agents to Deal With Tough Customers

More often than not, the call center agents will come across customers who might not have been having the best day. For a call center agent to perform their best, they need to acknowledge this reality and be ready for a customer with a bad temper on the other end. There could be any number of reasons as to why that customer wouldn’t want to talk to you, which is why it is up to you – the call center agent – to put the customer at ease through your professionalism and effective communication skills.

However, there is no “singular course” to getting out of a sticky situation. There is a particular set of skills that you need to have in your arsenal in order to tip the odds in your favor while communicating with a tough customer. Here are 5 tips for call centers to soften up difficult customers:

  • Be Sociable:

Remember! A smile goes a long way. Although the customer won’t be able to see it, they’d certainly be able to sense that you are a sociable person. By giving them the sense that you’re actually happy to help them out, you can garner the respect and attention of your customer enough that they’d be willing to hear you out even if they didn’t want to initially.

  • Be Informed:

It’s been said before but it bears repeating that nothing turns off a customer more than a call center agent who doesn’t even know about the company’s product/service. In order to grab the attention of your customer, you need to be well-informed about the service/product that your company is offering. This way, the customer shall receive the impression that you can actually offer a solution to their problem, and will therefore be willing to engage with you further.

  • Be Flexible:

Note that a prospect is out looking for a solution to his/her problems. So in order for you to have the undivided attention of your customers, you need to tell them what you can do instead of what you can’t do. For example, when asked about a certain option by the customer, instead of responding by saying, “I can’t provide you ‘abc’ offer” you can say “I can arrange the ‘xyz’ offer for you instead”. By changing your narrative in such a way and giving them a choice for the next finest proposition, you can get a customer to listen to your offer without getting agitated.

  • Be Adaptive:

Again, it might be redundant, but it is the foremost important attribute to have. Having a monotone voice or communicating like a robot is one of the worst ways of putting a customer off. To avoid doing so, you need to make sure that you communicate in a considerate and professional manner with the customers, in order to not lose the interest of your customer in your product.

And there you have it! These are some of the tips for the call center agents to deal with the difficult customers. If you follow these steps, you are guaranteed to achieve a significant degree of improvement in your success rate. Good luck!

24 Dec 2020
Employee’s health is J Telemarketing's Foremost Priority.

J Telemarketing Vs The Pandemic: Coping Against the 2nd Wave of COVID-19

With the lockdowns having been eased after a decrease in the number of cases, people have started enjoying the liberty of going out in freedom once again. However, people have seemingly forgotten that the virus is still very much on the loose, which has led them to grow careless and fall prey to the disease.

However, J Telemarketing acknowledges the seriousness of the reemerging threat and has put in place a series of strict precautionary protocols, so as for none of the employees or clients to fall prey to COVID19. It bears mentioning that, at the time of the first wave of COVID-19, J Telemarketing, as attributed to their apt response to the rising pandemic, not only kept the employees safe from the pandemic, but also from unemployment. The company was one of the very few in the world to not lay-off any of its workforce at the time when the organizations went on a downsizing spree.

J Telemarketing seeks to continue that positive trend, in the interest of which, the organization has chalked out a standard set of guidelines, so as for the entire workforce to stay protected from the woes of COVID-19. Here are some practices mandated by the call center for the entire workforce to follow:

  • Use of Facemasks: 

Use of facemasks has been made compulsory for all those who opt to work from the office. The call center agents that don’t have facemasks are provided facemasks by the organization. It has been scientifically proven that facemasks significantly reduces the odds of COVID19 spread. Therefore, the call center management has made it essential for the entire workforce to wear them and protect themselves and others from the virus.

  • Use of Hand Sanitizers:

The availability of hand sanitizers has also been made obligatory by J Telemarketing with the entire workforce. Like with facemasks, the organization also provides hand sanitizers to the employees in case they don’t have their own. Hand sanitizers are basic hygiene maintenance items that are essential in a setting where multiple individuals come in contact with various surfaces. Use of hand sanitizers in such a setting can also prevent the virus from spreading.

  • Social Distancing:

Although a team consisting of multiple people has to be placed in a single room, the seating arrangement for all the call center employees is done at least 6 feet apart from one another, so as to keep the workforce safe in case of the presence of a possible carrier on the floor. The employees are directed to maintain a safe distance from one another in activities other than work as well.

  • Work From Home Facility:

Those that feel under the weather, are asked to work from home. They are given a choice to either rest if they feel severely unwell, or are asked to take up their daily official tasks from home if they feel up for work.

  • Maintenance of Basic Hygiene:

The office is sanitized on a daily basis upon the departure of the employees, so as for them to return to a clean and safe environment the next day. Furthermore, the hard utensils and crockery is replaced with the disposable ones, so that they are only used once and disposed of later, so as for the germs to not linger and infect anyone.

The coronavirus is a vile and unassuming disease that is capable of causing a lot of damage to its host without him/her even knowing. However, with adapting the scientifically proven safety protocols, J Telemarketing has managed to mitigate the probability of a COVID19 spread within the organization to a great degree. With that said, we also encourage each individual, household, and organization to follow all the safety measures and protect themselves and their loved ones from the scourge of this pandemic.