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13 Jan 2020
5 Ways to Improve Your B2C Telemarketing

5 Ways to Improve Your B2C Telemarketing

The companies have adopted various sales and marketing formulas formulas to ensure ideal outcome for their businesses. Everything from conventional marketing tools such as print media and electronic media to more contemporary tools such as social media marketing, is being employed so as for an organization to cement themselves as a worthy contender in the market. Amidst this paradigm shift, numerous techniques and ideas have been discarded. One of the techniques that has always proven to be the ultimate reliance factor, is the telemarketing.

Understandably some people might contend the idea that call centers are a viable source of business development, but there is a certain confidence inspiring element of human interaction that the telemarketing offers that other tactics cannot. However, telemarketers must know how to optimize that human element and create a promising impression of themselves as well as the company upon the customers. Following are 5 ways that can enhance the B2C telemarketing:

  • Knowing Your Audience – First and foremost, you ought to know who you’re about to talk to. This point is of foremost essence because if you fail to match the same mental wavelength as your audience and address their issues accordingly, you would likely become a struggle for the customer to bear with and you wind up losing the customer. Being able to converse with the customer and address their needs according to their preferences can not only improve the odds of a successful deal but also increase the goodwill of the company.
  • Considerateness & Professionalism – Being polite is paramount in order to make sure that the customer stays with you. The customers can be a bit uncouth at times but it is important for a telemarketer to maintain his/her composure at all costs. On the flip side, it is also important for a telemarketer to maintain a professional tone. To elaborate, sometimes if a telemarketer can be more friendly than a customer would care for, which is why this tactic ends up backfiring. Therefore, it is important to be polite, but also given the customers their own personal personal space.
  • Customer Engagement – In order to keep the customers engaged, it is important to encourage the customers to speak. Bombarding the customer in a ‘one way communication’ type fashion, tends to negatively impact the customer’s interest in the discussion. However, while you encourage the customer to be vocal, it is also important to not stray from the main point of discussion, that is, addressing the customer’s need.
  • Preciseness & Clarity – Remember, the customer’s time is valuable. With that said, it is important to appreciate the value of their time and keep the conversation as brief, clear and convenient for the customers as possible. This sets a perfect tone of professionalism on the part of a telemarketer that also leaves a good impression of the organization upon the customer.
  • Conversational Ethics – This is also one of those points whereby you ought to maintain your composure in the interest of maintaining professionalism. Upon an unwelcome response the customers, the sales representative or customer service representative must keep calm and politely try to address the situation. Furthermore, in order to maintain your as well as the company’s good image, it is important to provide accurate information to the customers about your product and/or services.

Maintaining the aforementioned quality control parameters can cement the call centers as an integral part of business development. Numerous top call centers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad including J Telemarketing adopt the same tactics to improve their results in the industry. Therefore, doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring call center owner or a telemarketer, practicing the aforementioned tips is likely to take you a long way.