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08 Jan 2020
Social Media. The Perfect Marketing Tool

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Can Optimize the Business

There have been various driving industries of the global economy over the years. However, none seemed to have had an impact as significant as the IT industry. As another new decade begins, the IT industry is poised to launch into a whole new realm of technical advancement. The era of the digital industry has led to numerous technological marvels from networking to artificial intelligence. However, the current offering of the digital era that has provided most benefit, are the social media platforms.

The marketing and business development dynamics have been altered drastically over the course of past decade with numerous businesses from industry level FMCG manufacturers to service based organizations such as call centers are creating a footprint in through social media platforms. Everything from FMCGs’ to services sector can conveniently be marketed through social media in the most effective fashion. Following are 5 elements that make social media the best medium of marketing these days:

  • First and foremost, Cost Effectiveness is perhaps one of the key features of social media. In conventional marketing mediums, there are numerous resources required that make it a very cost intensive process. Social media platforms offer a wide array of packages that are barely a 10th portion of the cost of a conventional medium. A business can choose from these packages as per their need while employing various techniques to market themselves in the best possible fashion while assuring maximum cost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • In a fast moving world, the valuable resources have a lot of uses other than hard labor and running around to get things done. Social media also offers utter Convenience to its users in that regard as well. You can design and plan your entire campaign in-house with minimal resources and regulate it yourself rather than having to rely on an outside resources to do it for you. Given the right planning and technique, your self-designed campaign can deliver the desired results conveniently.
  • Social media puts the ultimate capability to drive the message to success into the hands of a business itself. If you know your product, odds are you know your audience as well. And if that’s the case, then social media can actually help you hand-pick the audience to whom you wish to show your message to. This facility of Targeted Audience not only allows the business to opt for a selective projection and save the cost, but also enables the assurance of maximum success for the campaign.
  • In conventional marketing and advertising, the businesses don’t have much liberty to try out new ideas and concepts for messages. Whereas in social media marketing, you can be much more Creative and can incorporate much more variation in your messages. You can create numerous concepts as per the taste of your target audience under the same campaign. You can work with both video ads as well as image based ads for so as for all kinds of audiences to be exposed to your message.
  • One of the key benefits of social media ads is the ability to engage in a Digital Dialogue with your audience in real-time. This element is the key factor in changing the business paradigm as the real-time interaction can allow for the real time optimization of the pre-existing message or the real time rectification of any errors that might have struck the wrong chord with the audiences. The interactive marketing can also allow you to gauge the exactly what the audience wants in the first place, whereby you can design, plan and implement the campaign as per the exact desire of the audiences to obtain maximum success.

Numerous product oriented as well as service oriented organizations are starting to realize the benefits of social media marketing and have adapted to the method. Some of the Top Call Centers in Rawalpindi & Islamabad such as J Telemarketing have raised their success rate by targeting the actual potential customers through social and marketing their products to them. This way, not only does a company steers clear of the uninterested audiences, but also radically improve the possibility of a successful deal to a significant degree.

31 Dec 2019
Conventional Telemarketing VS J Telemarketing

Conventional Telemarketing VS J Telemarketing

The call center industry has been subjected to criticism for a long time now, owing to the tactics by which the customers are reached out. People are often taken aback or feel like their privacy is being invaded when a member of the sales team reaches out to them from thin air without any prior reference or understanding. On the other end, the employees feel underappreciated because of the low wages and poor job security on top of the negative response from the customers. The aforementioned factors not only soil the name of the entire industry, but also plays a role in the diminishing morale of the people within the company which ultimately results in a diminishing performance.

J Telemarketing enjoys a fine degree of success among some of the best call centers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad because of its unique practices. The company has created a contemporary mode of operations that inspires confidence within the customers with regards to the company’s high-degree professionalism. Of foremost importance, J Telemarketing has a habit of creating the best possible customer service experience, which has remained the company’s hallmark for more than a decade. Following are some of the important ways as to how the J Telemarketing maintains a favorable trajectory:

  • At J Telemarketing, we believe in providing customers the liberty of choosing for themselves. That can be done through digital media marketing. Our digital media marketing team remains vocal on social media platforms and maintains a footprint on the top search engines in order to remain within the parameter scan of the customers.
  • As discussed prior, the customers are often put off by being caught off-guard by an unknown number asking them whether they the home owners or not. Some outbound call center employees insist in being pushy to a degree that the customers get agitated beyond tolerance. J Telemarketings employs a pull-strategy, whereby the customers, by viewing our messages and promotions, reach out to the company on their own to be facilitated by the services that they want.
  • J Telemarketing strives not only to provide the best quality service, but also to provide a maximum convenience and an all encompassing package to the clients. With the provision of services such as branding, sales and, and after sales services to the clients puts J Telemarketing in the upper echelon of service providers. Our goal is for our clients to get maximum recognition as we realize that our success is to stem from their goodwill in the market.
  • Usually, all call centers follow a routine whereby they hand a script over to their employees and ask them to follow it verbatim. This results in a monotone speaking style and the inability to respond to the unprecedented queries or challenges. J Telemarketing believes in providing liberty to the employees in order for them to get comfortable in their own skin, ensure a human element, and optimize their performance based on their natural and honest tone.
  • Call center industry has been tainted by the unsustainable employment model of some overzealous firms that have a habit of promising more than they can offer. J Telemarketing believes that the employees as the most important resource that can ensure the maximum results for a firm. To that end, the company has created a sustainable employment model that offers job security as well as payment of salary on time and bonuses that more than justify the efforts of their employees.

With the aforementioned formula, J Telemarketing strives to not only increase the footfall of the customers upon their own platform, but also create a positive impact on the entire telemarketing industry as a whole. With more than 500 employees and rising, J Telemarketing seeks to make its mark as one of the leading and most contemporary telemarketing firms and the industry by example.

26 Dec 2019
An Expert Guide to a Telemarketing Interview

Ensuring Success for a Telemarketing Job Interview

The call center industry on the whole is in the middle of a transitional period whereby, like many other industries, the major players are constantly brainstorming about coming up with latest tactics to improve the customer footfall. Amidst the current paradigm shift, the team of telemarketers are also required to adapt to the changes that are happening to the industry itself. With that said, for the aspiring telemarketers who wish to find their footing in the industry, they should be able to blend well with the industry as a whole. In order to become one with the industry in a seamless fashion, following characteristics are of foremost importance:

  • Knowledge of the Firm

Before appearing for the interview, it is important to know what the company is all about. You ought to do as much research as you possibly can about what the company is, does and who its competitors are. Also, you ought to do a deep dive into the products and services of the company in order to have the same degree of confidence and stance in the interview as a seasoned professional. This way you can add more weight and value to your responses and create an impression in front of interviewer that you already belong.

  • Command Over Communication

This is perhaps the most obvious and pertinent requirement for an aspiring telemarketer, but it can never be said enough how important having good communication skills is. From knowing the language to having the perfect tone, everything counts 10 times more when the only way for a customer to judge you and your company is through your voice. If you’re an aspiring telemarketer, perfecting your communication is something that you must practice in order to make your presence and your value to the employer, undeniable.

  • Adaptation

While on the dialer, you’re going to come across a huge variety of customers, and with each customer there is going to be a variety of challenges. As an effective sales executive or customer services representative, you must be able to think fast on your feet and try to overcome those challenges in the most favorable fashion. During the interview, you might be presented with such a challenge during the mock-call session. In order to know the general tactics of overcoming the challenges, the aspiring interviewers must study the recorded telemarketing conversations in order to adapt to the challenges, or better, to avoid them.

  • Be Natural

One thing you ought to be absolutely clear on, is that an interviewer can sense if you’re running through a routine. In which case, if the interviewer throws you a curve-ball, it is easy for the interviewee to get frazzled and crash during the interview. In order for a smooth session, it is important for the interviewee, by virtue of the aforementioned traits, to keep the conversation as candid as possible. Given the right tools, there is absolutely nothing for an interviewee to be nervous about, and the confidence is likely to go a long way with the recruiters.
Interviews can be intimidating most of the times, but given the aforementioned characteristics, the aspiring candidates should have nothing to worry about. Top call centers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as J Telemarketing appreciate those who stay true to their own personality and maintain a strong work ethic to add value to the company with their top skills. Therefore, it is of foremost importance to have the interviewer realize your value in order to make a positive impression that works in your favor.

19 Dec 2019
J Telemarketing Makes a Makes a Huge Impact on the Local Job Market

J Telemarketing Makes a Huge Impact on the Local Job Market by Creating 100 Jobs

Islamabad, Pakistan – December 20, 2019: J Telemarketing, one of the largest sales and telemarketing companies in the twin cities looks to make a groundbreaking impact within the Pakistani job market.

The company has offered trainings and provided job opportunities to a 100 young and aspiring candidates, and seeks to use their platform and their army of over 700 employees to introduce a new paradigm within the Pakistani Job market in favor of the Telemarketing industry.

The company has been around for more than a decade and has built a considerable magnitude as well as a reputation to be categorized among the heavy hitters of the entire sales and marketing industry. In the local as well as international market, J Telemarketing is regarded as the best telemarketing company that enables clients to achieve results that are far above and beyond the competition.

The company seeks to position itself as the trend leader in a job market where the call center profession seems to be slightly stigmatized. Telemarketing employees are the workhorses of a company but never seem to garner the amount of respect and regard that they deserve. By offering a workplace, team spirit and the professional benefits that inspires confidence, J Telemarketing seeks to create an image for the telemarketers that warrants respect.

The strategy to move ahead is quite straightforward, and that is to create a team of sales experts that can take J Telemarketing to unprecedented heights, as well as establish the company and the profession as the place to be for the young and aspiring professionals of the country.

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18 Dec 2019
What Makes a Good Telemarketer

What Makes a Good Telemarketer: 5 Important Characteristics

There are dozens of call centers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad that are currently working on various projects and have hundreds of sales executives and customer service representatives onboard. J Telemarketing is among the best telemarketing companies in the twin city region that believes in the idea of having the best team of telemarketers on board, so as to make the customers at home while shopping for desired product and/or services and to add value to the company’s operations. Here at J Telemarketing, we try our best to look for and to instill the following qualities:

  • Communication Skills:

The characteristic of foremost importance is the ability to communicate. This not only includes having a strong grip over the language, but also being able to communicate in a favorable fashion with the customer. The better you communicate, the more likely the person is likely to stick around and listen to what you have to offer.

  • Listening Skills:

When it comes to being a good customer services representative, listening to a customer is just as important, if not more important than communication skills. To understand this point, one must understand the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is just the capability to sense sound while listening entails the capability of observing the details within the sound-bites. In case of a telemarketer, the capability of listening for a customer’s actual need for the product and services is of paramount importance in order for the telemarketer to respond to the customer’s needs in a favorable fashion.

  • Adaptability:

Being a telemarketer, you must be prepared for a number of unanticipated challenges that can be thrown your way mid-conversation. A good telemarketer should be able to adapt to any unforeseen predicament and address the situation accordingly in a favorable fashion as per the need of the moment.

  • Product Knowledge:

You cannot even think about being a good telemarketer without having complete knowledge of your own product. The more you can communicate with your customer about your product with honesty, the more likely the customer is likely to be convinced and make a deal with you. Any kind of misinformation or insufficiency thereof, may result in severe consequences for you and your company.

  • Human Element

Amidst accomplishing the aforementioned elements, people tend to forget the importance of maintaining an actual human conversation. The person on the other end of the telephone cannot see your body language or your facial expressions, but you must have an empathetic tone towards the customer in order to make him feel comfortable as well develop a degree of respect and regard for you as a person.

In order for a telemarketing firm to stand out from the competition, the team of people communicating with the potential customers should have the ability to engage the customer such that s/he is convinced that both your company and the product/service is the best in the market.