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25 Jun 2021
J Telemarketing Offering Various Job Opportunities

Role of J Telemarketing in Reducing Unemployment & Promoting Entrepreneurship Culture in Pakistan

How often have you heard people buzzing about unemployment in Pakistan? Are also the one sick of a job search that goes in vain? Do you stand on the list of those who condemn Pakistan for the lowest job opportunities? Perhaps, looking for and talking about job opportunities in Pakistan is the most critical and hot debate ever. Like many others, you might also hold a belief that you won’t ever see improvements in the employment and the job sector in the country. What if you find a company herein your country “Pakistan” that’s working to reduce unemployment by creating more and more opportunities for the unemployed generation?

In the commercial hub and heart of the city Rawalpindi, there is a highly progressive company “J Telemarketing” that has grown swiftly within a mere span of 12 years having lots of success stories. The company has been putting its best efforts to reduce unemployment in the country and has successfully helped hundreds of youngsters to get hired from across the country who’ve already come to the twin cities for either a job or education purposes. Let’s see how has the company played its role in reducing unemployment in the country and encouraged the youngsters to become successful entrepreneurs.

The CEO’s Dream & Vision

Years ago, a young altruist had a dream. A dream that’ll offer dynamic opportunities in society to the competent and deserving. A dream that will provide the people in need another shot at life. A dream that’ll serve the creative youth and spread awareness about a legacy that a business mind can create. A dream that’ll emerge from a single determined individual and will grow into the largest BPO of Pakistan. The tireless efforts from the team of merely 4 determined and proactive individuals bore fruit and the company grew rapidly by making progress by day and night. The CEO wants to make every youngster earn a sound livelihood with a career-oriented job position. Alongside the efforts to reduce unemployment, the CEO has also introduced a separate program that particularly aims at helping and supporting enthusiastic individuals to become future entrepreneurs and businessmen. At present, the company holds a major workforce that is relatively high in quantity as well as quality across the twin cities helping hundreds of youngsters to support their families and themselves.

Increased Job Opportunities in Various Fields

J Telemarketing is proud to serve its corporate clients with cutting-edge business trends and ministrations that lead to the fulfillment of substantial business growth by breaking new records in all the major industries. The company has a variety of Digital Marketing, BPO, and other Business Services catering to the needs of the modern digital business world. Due to having such a variety of services at its panel, the company is successful in creating countless job opportunities and hiring skilled individuals to reduce the unemployment ratio. Some of the core services of the company include:

  • Creative & SEO Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
  • BPO Services
  • Creative Design and Development
  • Video & Animation
  • Photography & Videography
  • Business Promotion & Ads Creation
  • Ads Posting and Monitoring
  • Web Design and Development
  • Architecture Design and Visualization

JT Accelerator Program

The company’s special program to help potential employees or laymen becoming future business owners and entrepreneurs is named after the “JT Accelerator Program”. In this program, the company allows individuals or groups of people to get different projects from the company and start their own business. This is a grand initiative to support the people having the potential to launch and run a business successfully. In this way, the company is successfully encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurship culture in the country with an aim to produce the world’s leading entrepreneurs from Pakistan. JT Accelerator Program allows both the company’s employees or other laymen to either start a new or grow their existing BPO / Call Center agency. To opt for this program for launching or growing  call center, the company provides the potential candidates with:

  • Timely Payouts
  • Leads
  • Data
  • Dialer
  • VOIP
  • Business Support
  • Training

Work from Home Opportunities

J Telemarketing has grown to be the country’s leading BPO firm hiring a large populace for both in-house and work-from-home employees. Particularly, during the pandemic COVID-19, countless people lost their jobs and almost every family in the country experienced depression due to unbelievable and unbearable circumstances. In such situations, J Telemarketing supported hundreds of families by offering work-from-home opportunities. Enthusiastic youngsters especially the females showed great interest and got hired with the company as CSRs on the work-from-home program to support their families. Even today, the company has hundreds of CSRs that have been working from their homes and proving themselves to be highly productive earning huge salaries, bonuses, and incentives every month.

Willing to be a part of Pakistan’s Fast-Paced Growing BPO Company?

J Telemarketing has progressed and grown with the aim to eliminate unemployment from the company, help people especially youngsters to improve their lifestyle with better earning and promote the culture of entrepreneurship in the country. If you want to be a part of the largest BPO company in Pakistan, don’t hesitate to contact and get details about the company’s projects, employment opportunities, stakeholdership, and the JT Accelerator program. Let’s join hands to uplift Pakistan’s standard and ranking in the list of competitive countries of the world. 

For more information, visit the company’s website

24 Jun 2021
Employee Care

All That CSRs Need To Work Efficiently – How J Telemarketing Cares For Its CSRs

Do you know how important are telemarketing services today for every business? In today’s modern digital world, call center services prove to be the backbone of any business’s marketing campaign. Good customer support representatives know how to best deal with the clients and how to achieve optimum conversion by resolving customers’ concerns. To boost the potential of the CSRs for achieving an accelerated performance level, a good company always ensures the availability of the best resources and facilities for the agents. J Telemarketing is a fast-paced growing BPO company that is providing the most advanced facilities to its CSRs that ultimately guarantee winning optimum progress.

Let’s see what are some essentials that are required for CSRs to work efficiently and progressively to boost a company’s growth.

Essential #1 – Friendly Behavior from the Managers

The most important thing in any business organization is the idealistic behavior from the superiors towards their subordinates. “J Telemarketing” has hired highly professional Managers to lead the teams of workers with exemplary behaviors. They show a friendly and cooperative attitude where they help and guide the subordinates with everything they need to accelerate their performance. It’s a part of J Telemarketing’s Agenda that its employees will receive remarkable behavior from every superior and colleague.

Essential #2 – Trainings & Workshops

All the companies that keep growing in their industry follow a simple rule that never goes with obsolete knowledge and standards. To update and equip with the modern and recent trends is a prerequisite today for every company that plans to progress rapidly. J Telemarketing holds training sessions and workshops frequently with all its employees especially the CSRs to reform their professional personalities. The company has highly motivated, self-centric, proactive, and exceptionally skilled trainers and supervisors with having strong backgrounds and experiences. The trainers and supervisors at the company frequently arrange professional and corporate training sessions that are completely free of cost for the employees. 

Essential #3 – Handsome Salaries, Bonuses, & Incentives

Every employee especially a CSR always wants to see his pocket full by the end of the month. J Telemarketing specifically cares for its employees and stands at the top in the vicinity regarding salaries, bonuses, and incentives. The company’s CSRs hit high bonuses every month, giving them great motivation towards improving their performance more and more. There are CSRs at the company who have been earning around 200k comprising a handsome monthly salary and astounding bonuses and incentives. Another good and positive aspect of J Telemarketing is that the company always transfers the salaries right on time so that the employees may feel good with the care that the company provides for them. 

Essential #4 – Comfortable Seating

One of the most essential needs for CSRs at the office is comfortable seating. CSRs have to remain sit for long hours to receive and respond to customers’ calls. For prolonged sitting, ergonomic comfort is essential to keep the agents focused on quality assurance. J Telemarketing uses advanced and professional office chairs for its CSRs where they remain easy and relaxed while working.

Essential #5 – Smooth Internet Facility

A large business organization always prefers to expand its business canvas across the globe. When dealing with international clients and customers worldwide, the CSRs will essentially need to have a smooth and uninterrupted internet facility. Smooth internet is a prerequisite for CSRs so that their calls may not drop or they may not face poor audio quality or distortion during the calls. J Telemarketing has got installed various commercial internet connections with the highest possible speed available through which the CSRs at the company never experience any trouble in dealing with the clients on calls.

Essential #6 – Professional Headphones

Headphones are the major tool to take calls for CSRs. There are few critical requirements when it comes to providing headphones for CSRs. Their headphones should provide clear sound quality, clear microphone facility, and comfort to CSR’s ears. If a CSR puts on a headphone that creates pain or presses his ears, it will have the worst effects on his performance impacting the company’s overall progress. J Telemarketing never compromises on the provision of high-quality and comfortable headphones for its CSRs. The company has placed a variety of top-notch professional headphones on each desk/cabin on CSR’s Floor to maintain the required quality of calls and agents’ performance.

Essential #7 – Proper Cooling & Heating Facility

Weather changes can create negative impacts on the CSR’s performance if proper arrangements aren’t made for them. All the top business organizations always ensure to furnish every essential facility to their employees especially their CSRs. J Telemarketing has established all the purposeful office halls and cabins keeping in view the professional requirements. The CSR’s floor at J Telemarketing’s office is equipped with the best of the best cooling systems for summers and heating systems for winters to manage a pleasant atmosphere with moderate and bearable temperatures. The best-quality chillers and Air Conditioners keep the halls cool during summers when the temperatures hit high outside. Similarly, the outstanding heating systems keep the halls acceptably warm inside when it is extremely cold outside. So, the CSRs and all other employees at the company feel comfortable and relaxed while working and that helps to increase their efficacy.

Essential #8 – Recreation & Refreshments

Taking pauses and breaks during work hours is always important to muster up the energy. CSRs and other employees always need some refreshments and recreational facilities to let them relax and boost up their energy when they feel tired after constantly working for hours. J Telemarketing has provided its employees with everything for refreshment that the employees need in the cafeteria. The company’s employees have specific places where they can sit, do gossips, and even play different physical games like Table Tennis, etc. during their break times. 

For more information, visit the company’s website

04 Feb 2021
Tips for call center agents to soften up difficult customers

4 Ways for Call Center Agents to Deal With Tough Customers

More often than not, the call center agents will come across customers who might not have been having the best day. For a call center agent to perform their best, they need to acknowledge this reality and be ready for a customer with a bad temper on the other end. There could be any number of reasons as to why that customer wouldn’t want to talk to you, which is why it is up to you – the call center agent – to put the customer at ease through your professionalism and effective communication skills.

However, there is no “singular course” to getting out of a sticky situation. There is a particular set of skills that you need to have in your arsenal in order to tip the odds in your favor while communicating with a tough customer. Here are 5 tips for call centers to soften up difficult customers:

  • Be Sociable:

Remember! A smile goes a long way. Although the customer won’t be able to see it, they’d certainly be able to sense that you are a sociable person. By giving them the sense that you’re actually happy to help them out, you can garner the respect and attention of your customer enough that they’d be willing to hear you out even if they didn’t want to initially.

  • Be Informed:

It’s been said before but it bears repeating that nothing turns off a customer more than a call center agent who doesn’t even know about the company’s product/service. In order to grab the attention of your customer, you need to be well-informed about the service/product that your company is offering. This way, the customer shall receive the impression that you can actually offer a solution to their problem, and will therefore be willing to engage with you further.

  • Be Flexible:

Note that a prospect is out looking for a solution to his/her problems. So in order for you to have the undivided attention of your customers, you need to tell them what you can do instead of what you can’t do. For example, when asked about a certain option by the customer, instead of responding by saying, “I can’t provide you ‘abc’ offer” you can say “I can arrange the ‘xyz’ offer for you instead”. By changing your narrative in such a way and giving them a choice for the next finest proposition, you can get a customer to listen to your offer without getting agitated.

  • Be Adaptive:

Again, it might be redundant, but it is the foremost important attribute to have. Having a monotone voice or communicating like a robot is one of the worst ways of putting a customer off. To avoid doing so, you need to make sure that you communicate in a considerate and professional manner with the customers, in order to not lose the interest of your customer in your product.

And there you have it! These are some of the tips for the call center agents to deal with the difficult customers. If you follow these steps, you are guaranteed to achieve a significant degree of improvement in your success rate. Good luck!

27 Jan 2021
Why be a CSR when you can be a CEO of your own Call Center?

JT Accelerator Program: Start Your Own Call Center in Partnership with J Telemarketing

2020 has been a testing year for all of us to say the least. And even though the new year has arrived, the effects of 2020 are being felt around the world in one way or another. People’s health, their jobs, their routines, and every other aspect of their lives has been altered thanks to the woes of 2020. The global economy also went on a nose dive, which resulted in many people losing their businesses and other forms of livelihoods. What’s even worse is that the economy still hasn’t recovered enough, for people to easily establish a business with plentiful resources.

However, what if you were told that even today, you can start your very own call center with nothing but a laptop, a headset, and a workstation at your own home? You are forgiven for thinking that this should, by all accounts, be impossible, given the current economic circumstances. But J Telemarketing, under its JT Accelerator program can help you fulfill your leadership potential by having you become your own boss and start your own company. With J Telemarketing as your business partner, these are all the facilities you will get:

  • Leads/Data

Arranging for leads is one of the most energy and resource draining tasks for any call center service. Even if you do manage to acquire the data by yourself, then chances are that – due to a lack of good networks or business development experience in the industry – you would struggle to ensure the quality of the leads. Under the JT Accelerator program, you shall be given the finest quality data that will aid you in terms of ensuring an optimal conversion rate for your business.

  • Dialer

While starting off a new business, you’re going to want to be as efficient in investing your resources as possible. Getting a dialer for yourself in order to start a call center business is likely to be a resource intensive affair. Whereas, if you opt for the JT accelerator program, you’d get the dialer absolutely free of cost. This implies that rather than focusing on saving money, you can focus on getting the best results.

  • Voice Over IP

Acquiring an authorized IP and registering the call center with the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) can be a headache for the call center startups. Fulfilling the formalities with the authorized departments is a big hassle and conducting business through an illegal channel is never advisable. Under the JT Accelerator program, you’ll be assisted by us in the registration process and in obtaining an authorized VoIP that will help you conduct your business and make the calls in a safe and seamless fashion.

  • Training

If you truly love your job, you can never be too good at it. There is always room for learning and your arsenal of tactics can always be improved. JT Accelerator Program has dedicated a group of company executives that will help you polish your skills and add more value to your services in order to help business grow further.

  • Business Development

In the JT Accelerator program, you shall be made a part of the J Telemarketing team. You will sit down with the experts of the industry, with whom you will discuss the progress of your business. The experts will discuss the opportunities for your business and provide you with insightful feedback in order for you to develop your business. Not only that, but you will also be assisted by J Telemarketing by all viable means, so as for your business to excel.

At the end, you must be wondering “what’s the catch?” And the answer to that question is that J Telemarketing wishes for the entire call center industry of Pakistan to grow further. Our biggest stake in this effort is the excellence of those that possess the talent to take their aspirations to the next level, so that both business partners can relish the spoils of victory. So if you think you have what it takes to go from being a CSR to being a CEO, then sign up for the JT Accelerator Program now!
Good Luck!

18 Jan 2021
A Solid Lead Generation Firm to Ensure Solid Results

What Makes a Strong Lead Generation Firm? 3 Questions You Need to Ask

The business market is evolving each minute with new methods and techniques for business optimization being devised on the daily. In such a fast paced environment, it is equal parts instrumental and challenging for any business to stay relevant. However, one element can ensure relevance for any business. The element in question is partnering with a strong lead generation firm.

Many businesses find it hard to bring in the relevant prospects to their platform. Reason being the fact that not every organization specializes in positioning themselves among the right audience. One of the most viable ways of making a mark among the top contenders in the market, is through effective lead generation. A sustained and solid lead generation partner can aid a business in getting to the top of the game. 

But of course, as a client, you should reserve and practice the right to enquire about the services of the firm to evaluate the feasibility of your partnership. Here are 3 key questions that you need to know the answer to in order be assured of the competence of a lead-gen company:

  • What is the success rate for other clients?

A firm’s portfolio is the best determinant of their competence in the market. See how a lead generation firm is regarded in the market for their services. If the clients are satisfied and are enjoying a success rate north of at least 75%, that means that the lead-gen company knows their business well and would make a great partner.

  • What are the Quality-Check (QC) parameters?

Shaky customers are never good for business. You must make sure that the lead-gen firm that you’re about to partner with, does a solid job in terms of getting the customers on board and filter out any customers that are a flight risk once the deal is being penned down.

  • How are the leads generated?

Lead generation can be done through a variety of ways. A couple of common techniques of lead generation include telemarketing and provision of a list of prospects from a 3rd party. Some of the most competent lead generation firms use social media platforms to garner the attention of relevant prospects. Email marketing is also a viable means of generating leads, especially for B2B businesses. Not only are the platforms cost effective, but are also a viable means of engaging relevant audiences or prospects given the right kind and the right amount of research. 

The above-listed elements can effectively determine the competence of any lead generation firm. The best lead generation firms in Pakistan such as J Telemarketing have adopted the aforementioned techniques and have generated solid leads and results for the clients as well as for itself. To conclude. Holding it down in the marketing for a business becomes easy if that business procures the services of a specialized lead generation firm.

14 Jan 2021
Optimize your Business with J Telemarketing

Here’s Why You Should Choose J Telemarketing as Your Call Center Service Provider

There’s a simple formula to ensure maximum efficiency for your business. Whatever you think are among your business’s strengths, you can perform in-house to avoid certain overhead costs. However, if you think that certain areas where you could use a hand, you should outsource those activities. Telemarketing services are such a domain, where there’s a lot more complexities than one may think. In case of overseas service providers, a great number of companies are of the view that anyone who can speak in the customer’s native language, can be a telemarketer. Such a myopic idea leads to many firms in making a hasty decision of setting up an in-house telemarketing wing. 

Such an uneducated decision can become a liability rather than a success strategy without the entrepreneurs even knowing. And by the time the realization sinks in, it is already too late. With that said, here’s why you should choose J Telemarketing as your call center service provider:

  • Selling is Our Specialization:

As mentioned above, a department has to have expertise in terms of particular operations that they’re going to take the responsibility. J Telemarketing excels in striking solid sales deals and providing impeccable tech support. We have a well-versed team of professionals that perform their respective duties masterfully and deliver solid results. 

  • A Proven Track Record:

J Telemarketing maintains a bird’s eye view of its operations in order to stay on top of the statistics as well as maintain a consistent performance. And so, we welcome our clients to review our track record, so as for them to be sure of their decision of partnering with us. This way, they can also opt for a customized marketing strategy and give their valuable input in order to get the best results. 

  • A Bulletproof Strategy:

J Telemarketing believes in letting the frontline players work with their particular strengths, whilst ensuring certain ethical standards. This strategy is formulated to assure results for the client. Since this strategy is the company’s life source, J Telemarketing does everything in their capacity to make sure that the strategy is followed and improved upon, in a religious fashion.

  • Positive Word of Mouth:

Every firm is counting on a positive reputation and call centers are no exception. J Telemarketing tries its level best to garner a favorable name among the clients and within the market so as to not only have their previous clients return to them, but also gain a newer clientele in order to broaden their profile and stand out from the competition.

  • Unparalleled Professionalism:

For any company to stay afloat let alone be successful, it has to have a workforce that delivers results. With that said, J Telemarketings invests an incredible amount of time and resources to instill unparalleled professionalism in the entire workforce to get the best performance. This dedication to success not only serves the J Telemarketing itself, but ensures success for the esteemed clients.

24 Dec 2020
Employee’s health is J Telemarketing's Foremost Priority.

J Telemarketing Vs The Pandemic: Coping Against the 2nd Wave of COVID-19

With the lockdowns having been eased after a decrease in the number of cases, people have started enjoying the liberty of going out in freedom once again. However, people have seemingly forgotten that the virus is still very much on the loose, which has led them to grow careless and fall prey to the disease.

However, J Telemarketing acknowledges the seriousness of the reemerging threat and has put in place a series of strict precautionary protocols, so as for none of the employees or clients to fall prey to COVID19. It bears mentioning that, at the time of the first wave of COVID-19, J Telemarketing, as attributed to their apt response to the rising pandemic, not only kept the employees safe from the pandemic, but also from unemployment. The company was one of the very few in the world to not lay-off any of its workforce at the time when the organizations went on a downsizing spree.

J Telemarketing seeks to continue that positive trend, in the interest of which, the organization has chalked out a standard set of guidelines, so as for the entire workforce to stay protected from the woes of COVID-19. Here are some practices mandated by the call center for the entire workforce to follow:

  • Use of Facemasks: 

Use of facemasks has been made compulsory for all those who opt to work from the office. The call center agents that don’t have facemasks are provided facemasks by the organization. It has been scientifically proven that facemasks significantly reduces the odds of COVID19 spread. Therefore, the call center management has made it essential for the entire workforce to wear them and protect themselves and others from the virus.

  • Use of Hand Sanitizers:

The availability of hand sanitizers has also been made obligatory by J Telemarketing with the entire workforce. Like with facemasks, the organization also provides hand sanitizers to the employees in case they don’t have their own. Hand sanitizers are basic hygiene maintenance items that are essential in a setting where multiple individuals come in contact with various surfaces. Use of hand sanitizers in such a setting can also prevent the virus from spreading.

  • Social Distancing:

Although a team consisting of multiple people has to be placed in a single room, the seating arrangement for all the call center employees is done at least 6 feet apart from one another, so as to keep the workforce safe in case of the presence of a possible carrier on the floor. The employees are directed to maintain a safe distance from one another in activities other than work as well.

  • Work From Home Facility:

Those that feel under the weather, are asked to work from home. They are given a choice to either rest if they feel severely unwell, or are asked to take up their daily official tasks from home if they feel up for work.

  • Maintenance of Basic Hygiene:

The office is sanitized on a daily basis upon the departure of the employees, so as for them to return to a clean and safe environment the next day. Furthermore, the hard utensils and crockery is replaced with the disposable ones, so that they are only used once and disposed of later, so as for the germs to not linger and infect anyone.

The coronavirus is a vile and unassuming disease that is capable of causing a lot of damage to its host without him/her even knowing. However, with adapting the scientifically proven safety protocols, J Telemarketing has managed to mitigate the probability of a COVID19 spread within the organization to a great degree. With that said, we also encourage each individual, household, and organization to follow all the safety measures and protect themselves and their loved ones from the scourge of this pandemic.

18 Dec 2020
Employee Retention

A Perfect Recipe for Employee Retention

Sales and marketing is the backbone of a business. Especially in a marketing industry, companies put their faith into their call centers to be their voice and project the company image such that a solid customer base is created as a result. However, the competition in the telemarketing industry is growing fiercer each day, and in order for any organization to retain its sales team, the organization must learn the perfect recipe to keep a good call center agent from jumping ship and becoming an asset to a rival call center. J Telemarketing is one of the firms that boasts a great track record of ensuring loyalty of their valued work force. With that said, following are some of the tips for a call center to retain their valued workforce:

  • Acknowledgement

The agents have to bear through a lot of stern reaction from the customers, unintended failure and other forms of stress in order to approach the goals set by the company. Therefore, it is among a company’s paramount responsibilities to acknowledge an agent’s hard work by offering them the care and compensation that they rightfully deserve. This will not only ensure an employee’s loyalty to the firm, but would also allow the employee to deliver the best performance.

  • Empowerment

It is important to maintain certain standards at a workplace, but it is also important for an organization to allow its employees to take the initiative. While interacting with a customer, a call center agent can be faced with a curve ball. In that case, in order for the agent to thrive, he must be given enough liberty by the organization to be creative and extract the best results.

  • Transparency

Honesty goes a long way when it comes to employee retention. With that said, any organization that is completely transparent with its workforce in terms of policies and parameters of excellence. This will enable the employee to be loyal to the organization and strive harder to become a better performer to meet the set parameters for excellence.

  • Interactive Atmosphere

Apart from the maintenance of basic organizational decorum, a company should allow an interactive atmosphere at the workplace. Telemarketing firms should give the employees enough liberty to interact with one another, so as to remain lively as well as for the entire team to develop a sense of comradery with one other.

  • Realistic and Definitive Targets

The team is likely to perform much effectively if the targets seem clear and within reach. It offers agents a sense of confidence which results in better performance and a sense of positive affiliation with the firm. Lofty targets and big numbers are likely to result in lethargy or intimidation on the agent’s part, hence resulting in a diminished output and loyalty.

  • Lateral communication model

It is absolutely paramount for the upper management to remain in touch with the frontline workers, which in our case, are the call center agents. There are certain real time facts that only the agents have in their knowledge. Such feedback can be critical to make strategic changes in the interest of ensuring top results and an employee’s faith in the company.

And there you have it! The aforementioned points make for a perfect recipe for employee retention at a call center. Any organization that rewards the hard work of its employees with the aforementioned practices, is an organization that excels in the long run.

12 Feb 2020
Why Call Centers are a Crucial Component of a Business

Why Call Centers are a Crucial Component of a Business?

Numerous aspiring entrepreneurs search for newer ways to engage the audiences in an efficient manner that satisfies the needs and positions the company in a favorable manner. Amidst the searching, the business owners tend to miss out on the finer details, not taking into account the integral parts business operations and development. Call centers happen to be one of such components, simply owing to the belief that they are an old tactic of business projection. With that said, it is important to realize that call centers, especially for service oriented businesses are crucial due to the following reasons:

  • Lead Generation: A wholesome call center service can instantly identify the right audience for a particular product and/or service. Why, we here you ask? Because that lead is their soul means of livelihood. Furthermore, call centers deal with customers all day everyday, which implies that they would know a thing or two as to what of customers are suitable for a particular offering. Some of the best call centers can put together a team that would identify the prospective lead with respect to their interests via various mediums and create a perfect batch of ‘sure to be converted’ prospective customers.
  • Lead Follow Up: Once a lead is generated, it is not only important to do a prompt follow up of the lead, but also to do it in a way that satisfies the customer. At the end of the day, customer value is the name of the game. To ensure that the customer gets the best value possible, it is important for a company to provide the value not only in terms of the product and/or the service itself, but also in the form of experience. The better the experience for customers, the more likely it is for them to become a successful prospect.
  • Lead Conversion: The keyword here is Effective Communication. Effective communication is every successful business’s secret weapon. Once a lead arrives, it is up to a telemarketer to play his cards right and convert the lead into a solid customer. A good call center, with the aid of its technically sound and professionally competent team, will never let any lead go to waste.
  • Customer Service: If a customer has some complaints or a question, s/he is gonna look for answers. Those answers can only be provided in a favourable fashion if the customer is communicated with in real time. Real time communication can only be done in the best way through a call center service. Because the customer services executive shall be able to listen to the actual problems and sense the tone, s/he shall be able to better communicate with the customer, lead to added value in the overall experience with the company on the customer’s part.
  • Inspiring Confidence: ‘Strong Communication Tactics’ is a recurring theme in terms of stating the importance of call centers. Numerous companies rely solely on social media or other forms of business projection. A customer is not likely going to trust a company if s/he doesn’t hear the sound of the company itself. A solid representation of the company on a sellers or a customer representative’s part is highly effective in terms of getting the customer on board and have him/her subscribe to the company’s product or services.

It is understandable if a company isn’t keen on starting an inhouse call center since selling and customer services isn’t their key offering. In which case, the businesses can outsource their call center services to some of the best call centers in Rawalpindi, such as J Telemarketing. The company particularly prepares its team for the aforementioned purposes, so as for them to deliver the maximum value to the customers so that top shelf leads are generated and no lead is wasted.

31 Jan 2020
3 Things to Know In Order To Hire a Suitable Lead Generation Firm

3 Things to Know In Order To Hire a Suitable Lead Generation Firm

The business market is becoming tremendously competitive each day with the overall market growing at a steady pace across the globe. Every organization looks for that particular edge that could set them apart from the competition, which is usually reflected in their core product and/or service. However, it is important to bear in mind that the strategies and tactics of getting the organization on the radar as a legitimate contender is also paramount in order to ensure a company’s success.

With that said, numerous organizations struggle with increasing the footfall of customers on their platform. The reason could be the fact that those organizations don’t necessarily specialize in placing and/or positioning themselves among the right way and to the right audience. One of the most favorable methods of stepping on to the map among the top contenders in the market, is lead generation. A strong lead generation firm with a set of solid lead generation tactics can aid an organization in reaching unprecedented levels of success. Therefore, it is important for a company to make sure that their lead-gen partner has all the required tools to deliver top-notch services. Following are a few things that you need to know about the prospective lead generation associate:

  • Where do the leads come from?

The tactics of lead generation have changed drastically over the past few years. Both, the call centers and other marketing firms are making use of various social media platforms to get to their target audience. Not only are the platforms cost effective, but are also more helpful in terms of getting to the appropriate audiences or prospects given the right kind and the right amount of research. Such audiences are most likely to become the customers of a company.

  • How are the leads generated?

Lead generation can be done through a variety of ways. Most common means of lead generation are through telemarketing and through provision of the list provided by a 3rd party. Some of the best lead generation companies as well as Telemarketing agencies make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, especially in case of B2B lead generation. Email marketing is also a viable means of generating leads for the business.

  • What are the Quality-Check (QC) parameters?

It is the sole duty of a lead-gen partner to fetch the leads that provide good business. For a B2C business concern, it is important for a lead generation firm to make sure that the customers approached, are not there to waste time or are financially sound enough to complete a transaction without a hitch once they have been brought on board on behalf of a service provider.The aforementioned parameters are essential in determining the strength of a lead generation company. Numerous marketing and communication firms such as J Telemarketing have adapted the priorly discussed formula and have generated favorable results for the clients as well as the business itself. With that said, it is wise for a firm to opt for a lead-gen partner that operates along the same lines.