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25 Jul 2019
J Telemarketing Chose To Expand

4 Reasons J Telemarketing Chose To Expand

J Telemarketing is a pretty prominent name in the twin cities in the field of telesales. The company is known for growth and career development and is one of the top call centers in Islamabad.

The storyline of J Telemarketing is very inspiring; they started from a single room and a bunch of five people and began to grow with their hard work. Right after one year of their establishment, the organization grew from 5 to 50 individuals working as a team, with the passage of time their success made its own sound. 

Today J Telemarketing has a workforce of 600+ employees, and this is not it, the company is still growing. Their mantra is simple #GrowForPakistan, and with that idea, they are striving hard in helping the developing economy of our country and creating new work opportunities.

War Against Unemployment

Pakistan is a growing economy, and different organizations are playing a very beneficial role in its growth. J Telemarketing is one of those organizations they have been continually upgrading their career modules and creating new opportunities for the undergraduate and graduate youth of Pakistan to develop their careers in Telesales industry.

Raising Lifestyle Standard of Common People

Jobs are the primary way for people to earn money. In Pakistan, the number of graduates is more than the number of vacancies available. J Telemarketing is trying to bridge that gap between unemployed youth and creating new vacancies. Creating career opportunities is the main aim of J Telemarketing not only this will help in raising the lifestyle standard of citizens, but it will also help in the growth of the economy.

Contribution Towards Economy

J Telemarketing is focusing on offering people excellent opportunities that are beneficial and diverse in the field of BPO. The main focal point is the growth in the economy and career development for the youth. Recently J Telemarketing signed an agreement with the KPIT board for Business Process Outsourcing – promising to create 500 additional jobs in the initial phase for the creative and brilliant minded youth of KPK, the plan is to expand and help in the growth of the economy creating new job opportunities.

Global Recognition For A Country

J Telemarketing knows success well, it comes with hard work, and they have worked hard for it, but their success is not limited to them. They work hard to be recognized globally and make the right name of Pakistan in the global market. The company, since it was established, has been making the right name for itself and for the country as well. They won the first prize for the top sales company in the United States by – Power of technologies in 2015.