30 Sep 2019

School of Stocks Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

Contents What Are Various Types of Capital Structures? Purpose of Accounting System | Definition, Features and Exa… Financial Leverage Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) There are two versions of equity market timing that lead to similar capital structure dynamics. For designing capital structure, it is imperative to keep exploring new finance sources constantly. They make […]

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09 Sep 2019

Capital Structure on Valuation by Guillermo L Dumrauf :: SSRN

Content The debt-to-equity ratio: a. Is calculated by dividing book value of secured liabilities by book… Factors Influencing Market Value of Debt Market Value of Debt Formula Calculation A common example of this is when a business takes out a loan from a bank to purchase high value assets such as cars, buildings, machinery, equipment, […]

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25 Jul 2019

International Setups Grew Into Major Businesses

With more than fifty percent of the working people employed for private companies, it’s nothing unexpected that mom-and-pop shops are the foundation of most nations’ economy.  Entrepreneurs buckle down day in, day out to channel billions of dollars through the economy. Getting a private company off the ground is a hard journey, and it tends […]

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25 Jul 2019

5 Rules To Grow Business And Embrace Growth

Change is never easy to accept. We naturally avoid it and want to go back to our comfort zone, so how do you grow and embrace that growth? Many business founders have brilliant ideas, yet they are not able to scale their organizations for growth.  J Telemarketing is a prominent name in the Telemarketing industry, […]

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