A Perfect Recipe for Employee Retention

Employee Retention

A Perfect Recipe for Employee Retention

Sales and marketing is the backbone of a business. Especially in a marketing industry, companies put their faith into their call centers to be their voice and project the company image such that a solid customer base is created as a result. However, the competition in the telemarketing industry is growing fiercer each day, and in order for any organization to retain its sales team, the organization must learn the perfect recipe to keep a good call center agent from jumping ship and becoming an asset to a rival call center. J Telemarketing is one of the firms that boasts a great track record of ensuring loyalty of their valued work force. With that said, following are some of the tips for a call center to retain their valued workforce:

  • Acknowledgement

The agents have to bear through a lot of stern reaction from the customers, unintended failure and other forms of stress in order to approach the goals set by the company. Therefore, it is among a company’s paramount responsibilities to acknowledge an agent’s hard work by offering them the care and compensation that they rightfully deserve. This will not only ensure an employee’s loyalty to the firm, but would also allow the employee to deliver the best performance.

  • Empowerment

It is important to maintain certain standards at a workplace, but it is also important for an organization to allow its employees to take the initiative. While interacting with a customer, a call center agent can be faced with a curve ball. In that case, in order for the agent to thrive, he must be given enough liberty by the organization to be creative and extract the best results.

  • Transparency

Honesty goes a long way when it comes to employee retention. With that said, any organization that is completely transparent with its workforce in terms of policies and parameters of excellence. This will enable the employee to be loyal to the organization and strive harder to become a better performer to meet the set parameters for excellence.

  • Interactive Atmosphere

Apart from the maintenance of basic organizational decorum, a company should allow an interactive atmosphere at the workplace. Telemarketing firms should give the employees enough liberty to interact with one another, so as to remain lively as well as for the entire team to develop a sense of comradery with one other.

  • Realistic and Definitive Targets

The team is likely to perform much effectively if the targets seem clear and within reach. It offers agents a sense of confidence which results in better performance and a sense of positive affiliation with the firm. Lofty targets and big numbers are likely to result in lethargy or intimidation on the agent’s part, hence resulting in a diminished output and loyalty.

  • Lateral communication model

It is absolutely paramount for the upper management to remain in touch with the frontline workers, which in our case, are the call center agents. There are certain real time facts that only the agents have in their knowledge. Such feedback can be critical to make strategic changes in the interest of ensuring top results and an employee’s faith in the company.

And there you have it! The aforementioned points make for a perfect recipe for employee retention at a call center. Any organization that rewards the hard work of its employees with the aforementioned practices, is an organization that excels in the long run.