Collaborative partnerships

We work as an integral part of our clients’ business; respecting their culture and achievements, protecting their reputation, supporting their employees, and committing to results-focused, risk-reward agreements.

Targets met, promises kept

Our clients are confident we will deliver on our obligations because we build service levels and continuous improvement commitments into our contracts.

Innovative solutions

We create innovative solutions for our clients. We know every organization is different, and we work to understand individual priorities and develop innovative solutions that make a difference.

Tried and tested experience

We have years of experience in business process outsourcing, working with leading organizations internationally.


Outbound Call Center

Being the best in the industry, we at J Telemarketing provide specialised outbound programs that concentrate on lead generation, sales qualification, product promotion and customer care.


Inbound Call Center

Our Inbound call center services are aimed to provide an uplifting customer experience so that our customer’s get more sales. Our competent sales agents have extensive experience in handling different call situations.


Lead Generation

We qualify your lead lists using our state-of-the-art lead qualification call center. Our competitively-priced services help your business to send only the most qualified leads to your sales team.


IT Enabled Services

In a modern world, IT is your best friend. J Telemarketing provides a range of IT-enabled Services (ITeS) to its clients that can help them optimize their business operations and ensure growth and efficiency.




J TeleMarketing teams work closely with each other and with our colleagues across the globe to create integrated technical solutions. Our employees form client relationships built on mutual trust and respect, helping clients deliver high performing services to their customers and citizens.


J TeleMarketing people are known for challenging conventional wisdom and ways of working. We foster a spirit of innovative thinking and continual improvement, where new ideas are positively welcomed. We understand that this is the best way to arrive at the groundbreaking solutions that will give our clients a competitive edge and achieve sustainable success.

Our Ethics

We know people want to work for a company that cares – and we do. Corporate social responsibility has always been part of our heritage. We believe a company can only maintain success by making a valuable contribution to society. Getting involved in our local communities, giving something back to society and protecting the environment are activities driven by our people and supported by our culture.


What Is J Telemarketing All About

J Telemarketing is a leading call center and business process outsourcing agency, our creative marketing specialists know how to cater your business needs.

Our Principles

Hard work is what we believe in, and it defines us as a BPO and telesales agency.

Quality Assurance – we are a leading call center outsourcing agency with international client’s. We provide creative solutions to our customers for playing a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Customer-Centric Approach – We have got everything you need to grow your business and launch.

Career Development – As an aspiring professional, you can ensure that growth by working a full-time or a part-time call center jobs with J Telemarketing.

Open Environment – At J telemarketing we create an environment of friendliness and helpfulness. We treat our employees as our first customer because their happiness is our success.







Jtelemarketing is a Hands on business that understands your work for your people. Driven, trustworthy, and loyal. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with them and grow! Anyone who has an opportunity to work with Jtelemarketing team will see proven results and an unparalleled commitment to success!

Jtelemarketing is a very reliable business partner who delivers quality service. They have the real expertise in direct response marketing and in call center optimization. I would recommend Jtelemarketing to anyone who interested in expanding their direct marketing programs.

Give J Telemarketing a try, you won’t regret it. Call us today!


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