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12 Feb 2020
Why Call Centers are a Crucial Component of a Business

Why Call Centers are a Crucial Component of a Business?

Numerous aspiring entrepreneurs search for newer ways to engage the audiences in an efficient manner that satisfies the needs and positions the company in a favorable manner. Amidst the searching, the business owners tend to miss out on the finer details, not taking into account the integral parts business operations and development. Call centers happen to be one of such components, simply owing to the belief that they are an old tactic of business projection. With that said, it is important to realize that call centers, especially for service oriented businesses are crucial due to the following reasons:

  • Lead Generation: A wholesome call center service can instantly identify the right audience for a particular product and/or service. Why, we here you ask? Because that lead is their soul means of livelihood. Furthermore, call centers deal with customers all day everyday, which implies that they would know a thing or two as to what of customers are suitable for a particular offering. Some of the best call centers can put together a team that would identify the prospective lead with respect to their interests via various mediums and create a perfect batch of ‘sure to be converted’ prospective customers.
  • Lead Follow Up: Once a lead is generated, it is not only important to do a prompt follow up of the lead, but also to do it in a way that satisfies the customer. At the end of the day, customer value is the name of the game. To ensure that the customer gets the best value possible, it is important for a company to provide the value not only in terms of the product and/or the service itself, but also in the form of experience. The better the experience for customers, the more likely it is for them to become a successful prospect.
  • Lead Conversion: The keyword here is Effective Communication. Effective communication is every successful business’s secret weapon. Once a lead arrives, it is up to a telemarketer to play his cards right and convert the lead into a solid customer. A good call center, with the aid of its technically sound and professionally competent team, will never let any lead go to waste.
  • Customer Service: If a customer has some complaints or a question, s/he is gonna look for answers. Those answers can only be provided in a favourable fashion if the customer is communicated with in real time. Real time communication can only be done in the best way through a call center service. Because the customer services executive shall be able to listen to the actual problems and sense the tone, s/he shall be able to better communicate with the customer, lead to added value in the overall experience with the company on the customer’s part.
  • Inspiring Confidence: ‘Strong Communication Tactics’ is a recurring theme in terms of stating the importance of call centers. Numerous companies rely solely on social media or other forms of business projection. A customer is not likely going to trust a company if s/he doesn’t hear the sound of the company itself. A solid representation of the company on a sellers or a customer representative’s part is highly effective in terms of getting the customer on board and have him/her subscribe to the company’s product or services.

It is understandable if a company isn’t keen on starting an inhouse call center since selling and customer services isn’t their key offering. In which case, the businesses can outsource their call center services to some of the best call centers in Rawalpindi, such as J Telemarketing. The company particularly prepares its team for the aforementioned purposes, so as for them to deliver the maximum value to the customers so that top shelf leads are generated and no lead is wasted.

19 Dec 2019
J Telemarketing Makes a Makes a Huge Impact on the Local Job Market

J Telemarketing Makes a Huge Impact on the Local Job Market by Creating 100 Jobs

Islamabad, Pakistan – December 20, 2019: J Telemarketing, one of the largest sales and telemarketing companies in the twin cities looks to make a groundbreaking impact within the Pakistani job market.

The company has offered trainings and provided job opportunities to a 100 young and aspiring candidates, and seeks to use their platform and their army of over 700 employees to introduce a new paradigm within the Pakistani Job market in favor of the Telemarketing industry.

The company has been around for more than a decade and has built a considerable magnitude as well as a reputation to be categorized among the heavy hitters of the entire sales and marketing industry. In the local as well as international market, J Telemarketing is regarded as the best telemarketing company that enables clients to achieve results that are far above and beyond the competition.

The company seeks to position itself as the trend leader in a job market where the call center profession seems to be slightly stigmatized. Telemarketing employees are the workhorses of a company but never seem to garner the amount of respect and regard that they deserve. By offering a workplace, team spirit and the professional benefits that inspires confidence, J Telemarketing seeks to create an image for the telemarketers that warrants respect.

The strategy to move ahead is quite straightforward, and that is to create a team of sales experts that can take J Telemarketing to unprecedented heights, as well as establish the company and the profession as the place to be for the young and aspiring professionals of the country.

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18 Dec 2019
What Makes a Good Telemarketer

What Makes a Good Telemarketer: 5 Important Characteristics

There are dozens of call centers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad that are currently working on various projects and have hundreds of sales executives and customer service representatives onboard. J Telemarketing is among the best telemarketing companies in the twin city region that believes in the idea of having the best team of telemarketers on board, so as to make the customers at home while shopping for desired product and/or services and to add value to the company’s operations. Here at J Telemarketing, we try our best to look for and to instill the following qualities:

  • Communication Skills:

The characteristic of foremost importance is the ability to communicate. This not only includes having a strong grip over the language, but also being able to communicate in a favorable fashion with the customer. The better you communicate, the more likely the person is likely to stick around and listen to what you have to offer.

  • Listening Skills:

When it comes to being a good customer services representative, listening to a customer is just as important, if not more important than communication skills. To understand this point, one must understand the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is just the capability to sense sound while listening entails the capability of observing the details within the sound-bites. In case of a telemarketer, the capability of listening for a customer’s actual need for the product and services is of paramount importance in order for the telemarketer to respond to the customer’s needs in a favorable fashion.

  • Adaptability:

Being a telemarketer, you must be prepared for a number of unanticipated challenges that can be thrown your way mid-conversation. A good telemarketer should be able to adapt to any unforeseen predicament and address the situation accordingly in a favorable fashion as per the need of the moment.

  • Product Knowledge:

You cannot even think about being a good telemarketer without having complete knowledge of your own product. The more you can communicate with your customer about your product with honesty, the more likely the customer is likely to be convinced and make a deal with you. Any kind of misinformation or insufficiency thereof, may result in severe consequences for you and your company.

  • Human Element

Amidst accomplishing the aforementioned elements, people tend to forget the importance of maintaining an actual human conversation. The person on the other end of the telephone cannot see your body language or your facial expressions, but you must have an empathetic tone towards the customer in order to make him feel comfortable as well develop a degree of respect and regard for you as a person.

In order for a telemarketing firm to stand out from the competition, the team of people communicating with the potential customers should have the ability to engage the customer such that s/he is convinced that both your company and the product/service is the best in the market.